Blessed Mom

IMG_0664Several years ago for Mother’s Day, my sons gave me a beautiful framed print with the words from Proverbs 31:10-31 printed in script alongside a photo of a soft pink rose in full bloom,

“…her children rise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her…”

After I cleared my throat and wiped away a few tears I think I actually asked them, “Do you really feel this way?” After all, a mother’s heartfelt desire is that her children not only think well of her, but speak well of her to others. Somewhere in the midst of all the mistakes, the arguments,  the weaknesses, the fears, the messes…somewhere in the middle of all that we need to know we’ve done something right. We need to know we’ve made a difference. We need to know we’ve loved enough, guided enough, protected enough, provided enough…..mothered them enough.

I know that not everyone who reads this post is as blessed as I am to have a mom who mothered them plenty good. I know not everyone who reads this is a mother…please don’t think I’m insensitive to the pain that Mother’s Day may bring anyone. I hope you’ll understand why I really want to honor my Mom. I want to speak up and thank her for loving me like Jesus, guiding me in His truth, protecting me in His name, and providing for me by His grace. I really don’t think I would be the mother I am if not for her example. Yes, I am blessed.

Blessed to be a blessing.

I’ve often thought of what it must have been like to raise a child like me, a child who seemed to go from one medical crisis to another. Food allergies. Asthma. The loss of my eye. Hearing loss. Thyroid cancer. Thank goodness I never broke any bones. As active as I was that in itself was a miracle. I imagine that through it all Mom was working out her faith with fear and trembling. I imagine she was learning to trust God with every beat of my heart. I imagine she was leaving me at the throne of grace over and over and over again. Laying her Isaac down. Filling bowls in heaven with her prayers. I imagine her letting God develop her character, teach her perseverance, and supply her strength. I imagine her courage. No, I don’t just imagine. I saw it for myself.

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Interestingly, the Hebrew word for noble means strength and might; to show oneself to be strong; to display valor.

Courage. It doesn’t always come the way we expect it. Sometimes it comes in the face of trials. I think it takes a lot of courage to raise children. We can’t always love them with hugs and kisses. We have to learn to love them from afar. We can’t always guide them with our hands. We have to learn to guide them with our words. We can’t always protect them from the world. We have to learn to protect them with our prayers. We can’t always provide for them materially. We have to learn to provide for them spiritually. My mother has lived this well. Life isn’t always filled with love, joy, and peace. Not without Jesus. Sometimes life is filled with anger, sadness and fear. Thank goodness my Mom loves Jesus. I know there were times she was afraid for me and for my sister. I know there were times she didn’t feel strong, but she was. I know there were times she didn’t think she displayed valor, but she did.

So, Mom, I want you to know…you are strong, you are courageous, you are a blessing. Not just to me, but to so many others. I’m so glad Dad found you and the two of you have faith-walked for over fifty years hand-in-hand, doing family and ministry together in the name of Jesus. I’m so glad God brought me into this world to be your daughter so that you could mother me. I’m so glad to know the blessing of your love and courage, a blessing worth far more than the rarest of jewels. I know you love your diamonds, but I love me some rubies. Something about the deep red. Something about the heart. You may sparkle like a diamond, Mom, but it’s your heart that holds this grateful child in a sweet embrace no matter how old I get. Hopefully, your legacy of faith will live on in me. My sons assure me it does. Blessed to be a blessing.

How do I say thank you? Maybe like this,

“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:28

Here’s to you, Mother-Of-My-Heart. You do it right. You make a difference.

I rise. I call you blessed. I treasure you…

and I love you.


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